What You Need To Know About Jackson Mississippi

There is isn’t a city in the world that enjoys housing of different animals from four different continents like Jackson Mississippi. A lot can be said about Jackson Mississippi, like the fact that it is the primary capital city of Mississippi, which happens to be the largest urban center in the United States. The town enjoys approximately 3000 acres of land, which is a house of the Jackson-Medgar Evers international airport.

Have you ever wondered how a rock concert on the top of an ancient volcano looks like? Well, Jackson Mississippi is just your go-to place. This is not the only fascinating and intriguing thing about this city since it holds the international honor of two-year colleges, the Phi Theta Kappa, which has claimed over three million members to it. It was first founded in 1918, and this was Stephens College in Columbia, in Missouri. The world headquarters is located in Jackson, just on the Eastover Drive.

Jackson city happens to have a lot in common with three different cities, and this includes Moscow, Varna and also Helsinki. The four cities are the only towns that have the capability of hosting the two-week international ballet competition. This is particularly where the world’s best dancers get to compete for the medals, scholarships and also fame. A city instructor based in the city, Thalia Maria, was the one who convinced the IBC to make Jackson the important American city host. Since then, the City has been able to host the tournament after every four years, and this is since 1979.

In the 12th day of October every year, Jackson Mississippi brings in thousands of visitors from different states, and this is mainly through the Mississippi State Fair. The major tourist attractions from this fair, primarily include the Ferris wheel, the Biscuit-making booth, and the antique car show. Over the recent years, the organizers of the Fair have been able to experiment using newer events including the beard-growing contest, which had its first debut in 2009.

Another interesting and surprising aspect about Jackson Mississippi is the blues. The blues was first born in the Magnolia State, and in 2006, there was the establishment of the Mississippi Blues train, and this was to educate the members of the public on a uniquely American art form. Approximately one hundred and eighty-nine historic makers are likely spread out around this state, inclusive of each sign planted at a specific locale, which played a role in shaping of the blues genre.